What’s the CNIC PhDay?

The CNIC PhDay is an annual meeting organized by PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from the Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC).

PhDay is an open forum for undergraduate and graduate students, lab technicians and postdoctoral researchers to develop their careers as scientists, exchange new ideas and network. Each year, more than 200 people gather at CNIC to share a joyful experience that might generate new ideas and collaborations! You never know the amount of new things you can learn at PhDay.

Our Last Edition was a success, a bunch of dedicated people attended and we discussed about Scientific Growth.

This year’s PhDay will be held November 22nd, 2019! And the Topic is…  PhD…what else? 

In this edition we will be focused on career alternatives and new perspectives in science. We will be having 2 different sessions and a closing lecture:

  • Career alternatives (9:30-10:45)
  • New Perspectives in Science (14:00-18:45)
  • Closing lecture: This year Dr. Marco de Lucas (Vice President of Scientific and Technical Research at CSIC) will be talking about Research challenges in XXI century.

And to illustrate it better and in a more practical way, we have prepared 4 parallel Workshops (10:45-12:00).

Contact: cnicphday@gmail.com

Save the date!

We are still preparing the program but we already know the important dates, so stay tuned and don´t miss them!

During the event we will also host a Poster Session and a Special Contest (info here)The winner gets a prize so don’t forget to check the details and apply!

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