Organizing Committee

María Gómez Serrano
Main Coordinator


Since I was a child I have had a big curiosity about nature and the human body. After a period of uncertainty between Science and Literature during My adolescence, I finally became a Biologist and I took a MSc degree in Molecular Biomedicine in 2012. I did my PhD in the study of human adipose tissue under Dr. Peral’s supervision at the IIB (Madrid). Since July 2017, I work as a postdoctoral researcher in the frame of the PESA study, looking for plasma biomarkers of subclinical atherosclerosis by using cutting-edge proteomic techniques.


Carla Huerta
Media Management

I am a Biotechnologist from Asturias. After obtaining my Bachelor Degree I moved to Madrid to carry out a MSc in Cell Biology and Genetics at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Complutense University of Madrid and University of Alcalá de Henares. Now, I’m a PhD student at Dr. Jorge Alegre’s lab (CNIC) focused on understanding the mechanical properties of the cardiac muscle through the study of smart biomaterials that mimic those properties.


Ángel Fernández Trasancos
Media Management

Selfie Angel Trasancos

After graduating in Molecular Biology, Ángel Fernandez-Trasancos joined in 2010 the laboratory of “Neuroendocrinology, energy homeostasis, metabolism and cancer” at Faculty of Medicine of Santiago de Compostela, under the supervision of Dr. Señarís Rodríguez. He studied the connection between obesity and breast cancer in an animal model. In 2011 he began his doctoral thesis in the Cardiology laboratory at Health Research Institute at Clinical Hospital of Santiago de Compostela, supervised by Dr. Sonia Eiras, Dr. Ángel L. Fernández and Dr. Jose R. González Juanatey. In his thesis project he investigated the role of adipokines secreted by epicardial adipose tissue of patients with coronary diseases. In 2018 he arrived at the Molecular Mechanics of the Cardiovascular System Laboratory at CNIC, where he studies mechanics alterations in proteins which lead to sarcomere malfunction and cardiomyopathies in animal models.


Raquel Rouco 
Media Management


I am from Madrid. I started researching on genetics at UCM where I got my BSc in Biology (2013). After that, I joined M. Manzanares’ lab (CNIC) to study the gene regulatory network underlying atrial fibrillation, first during my Master’s project and right now, as a PhD student thanks to FPU fellowship. Right now, I’m focused on studying the gene regulatory network underlying AF combing 3D chromatin structure assays, gene editing and AF induce animal model.


Ana Paredes
Media Management


Hi! I obtained my degree in Biochemistry at University of Seville (2015). After that, I moved to Madrid to study a MSc in Molecular Biomedicine at Autonomous University of Madrid.

In 2016, joined Dra. Ricote´s group (CNIC) where I am currently doing my PhD in cardiovascular metabolism. Specifically, I am interested in characterizing the regulatory role of Retinoid X Receptors not only in cardiac homeostasis during development and adult stage.


Marta Relaño
Organization & Logitics

Selfie Marta

I was born in Madrid 26 years ago. I obtained my BSc in Biochemistry at Complutense University of Madrid in 2014. After that I studied a MSc in Biotechnology at Autonomous University of Madrid and joined Pilar Martín’s group at the CNIC to carry out my master thesis and to continue with a PhD in Molecular Biosciences. Since then, I have been studying the immune response in cardiovascular diseases such as myocarditis and atherosclerosis as well as in graft rejection.


Silvia Sacristán
Organization & Logitics


I obtained my degree in Health Biology at University of Alcalá (2015) and a Master in Molecular Biomedicine at Autonomous University of Madrid (2016). Then, I joined Dr. Bernal´s lab (CNIC) to do my PhD. I am interested in how Inherited Cardiomyopathies due to dominant negative mutations can cause sudden cardiac death especially in young athletes.


Jesús Porcuna Doncel
Organization & Logistics


Hello! I graduated in Biotechnology (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville) in 2016. During the last couple of years of the degree I studied the cytoskeleton during the execution phase of apoptosis at the Andalusian Center for Developmental Biology, but I also worked in a biotech company: Pronacera Therapeutics S.L. After that, I moved to madrid, where, after enrolling in the Molecular Biomedicine Master (UAM), I joined Dra. Ricote´s group (CNIC) where I am currently doing my PhD in the role of RXR in hematopoietic cells including tissue resident macrophages.


Amanda Sánchez López
Organization & Logistics


I graduated in Biotechnology (2013) and I did a Master`s in Molecular Biomedicine. I started in Cigudosa J.C’s Lab at CNIO to perform my undergraduate thesis project and also my Final Master`s project.My main interest is to understand the molecular basis of aging and its relationship with cardiovascular disease thus, I joined Vicente Andrés lab to do my PhD.


Álvaro Serrano Navarro
Organization & Logistics


I’m from Chillón, Ciudad Real, a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere. I studied Biochemistry in Toledo where I really enjoyed science diffusion activities as Science Week participant at Facultad de Ciencias Ambientales y Bioquímica. Then I moved to Sweden, at Karolinska Institutet, to do an internship where I discovered my interest in Bioinformatics. After finish my master in Bioinformatics (UPF) working at CNIC Bioinformatics unit, I begin my PhD life at B Lymphocyte Biology lab supervised by Dra. Almudena R Ramiro.

Yolanda Martí Mateos
Organization-Logistics & Media Management


I was told I was born near Madrid. I was an annoying child and years only made things worse. I was passionate about everything and constant about nothing, but I eventually managed to settle my mind down on molecular biology. I studied Biochemistry and a Master Degree in Biomolecules and Cell Dynamics and now I’m starting my PhD on the mechanism of cardiotoxicity in José Antonio Enríquez’s lab at CNIC. And that’s pretty much it.

Andrea Cancemi
Organization & Logistics


Ciao, belli! If you arrived till here reading, it means you are really interested on us, great! I am from a triangular island in the middle of the Mediterranean, also known as Sicily; from there I moved a bit around Europe to learn to be a scientist. After studies on biology and genetics, I arrived in Madrid where I am investigating on the pathophysiological mechanism of CPVT, an arrhythmogenic genetic disease, in the laboratory of Silvia Priori in CNIC.


Leticia Herrera
Scientific programme


I am from Madrid. I graduated in Health Biology at Universidad de Alcalá de Henares in 2015 and studied a Master in Molecular Biomedicine at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2016). After that, I started my PhD at Dr. Guadalupe Sabio´s lab at CNIC, trying to understand the role of stress-activated protein kinases in obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes and hepatic cancer.


Ignacio Heras Murillo
Scientific programme


Born in Madrid. After I graduated from the BSc. in Health Biology at Alcala University (2015) I moved to Heidelberg to carry out a MSc. in Cancer Biology at the German Cancer Research Centre. During my master studies I was involved in research projects within Germany and abroad (CNIO and the Genome Institute of Singapore), mainly focused on cancer immunotherapy. Currently, I just started a PhD at the laboratory of David Sancho (CNIC), in which I am exploring dendritic cells’ biology with the aim to improve its therapeutic applications.


Álvaro Sahún Español
Scientific programme


I obtained my BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University Rovira i Virgili in 2014 after performing my final degree project in the National Hospital of Norway (Rikshospitalet, Oslo). After that, I came to Madrid and joined the National Center of Cardiovascular Research. My interests are focused on therapeutic approaches for cardiac regeneration after myocardial infarction, specifically boosting a correct revascularization.


Xiaotong Hong
Scientific programme


I am a second-year PhD student in CNIC. I am currently working with muscle stem cells. I obtained my bachelor degree of Biotechnology in China, with an international exchange year in University College London. Afterwards, I carried out my master program of Nutrition and Biomedicine in Technical University Munich. Before starting my PhD, I spent one year in Switzerland for an internship in Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences. I am very glad to participate in this year´s PhDay organization!


Víctor Fanjul Hevia


I am from Oviedo, where I studied Biology and a Master’s in Molecular Oncology. I am currently doing a PhD at the UAM with a “La Caixa” fellowship. I study heart disease in progeria and aging under the supervision of Vicente Andrés (CNIC) and Carlos López-Otín (U. Oviedo). I believe communication, teaching and networking are essential for sustainable progress.


José Manuel Alfonso Almazán


I obtained my BSc in biotechnology at Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2014. Then, I moved to Madrid to do my MSc in Pharmacological Research at UAM and joined David Filgueiras’ Lab, where I am currently doing my PhD. I am interested in ion channels, electrophysiology and bioinformatics. I study the regulatory networks and molecular pathways involved in atrial fibrillation and its process of chronification.


Álvaro Macías Martínez


I got my degree in Biology in 2009 and after a Master in Molecular and Cellular Biology I started my PhD in Cardiovascular Electrophysiology as a JAE-predoc. After a short postdoctoral stay in Dr. Catterall’s laboratory, in Seattle, I joined Dr Vicente Andrés’ lab at CNIC to study the electrophysiological alterations in Progeria (HGPS). PhDay is a wonderful chance to know and talk about everything not specified in a book or paper.