2014 – Organizing committee

_DSC0083Bárbara González Terán
Main Coordinator
e-mail: barbara.gonzalez@cnic.es


“Hi, I am Bárbara González Terán, born in Madrid, in 1987. I obtained my B.S in Biology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2010. In 2011 I joined Guadalupe Sabio’s group to start my PhD in Molecular Biomedicine at CNIC. My main research interest is to understand the role of p38 MAPKs in the cardiovascular and inflammatory field, and to figure out if the deregulation of this pathway can be involved in the development of different human diseases. Although I love doing “bench work”, I believe that it’s also important to get involved in other kinds of scientific-related educational and social activities. In January 2014 I became CNIC PhD Representative. In this time, we have been working on very interesting projects. Our latest big challenge has been setting up this event, for which I am the Coordinator of the Organization Committee. If you have any suggestion or question about the PhDAy don’t hesitate to contact me.”

_DSC0095Noelia Lozano Vidal
e-mail: nlozano@cnic.es


“Born in 1984, I graduated in Biochemistry in Oviedo University in 2007. After that, I obtained a Master Degree in Quality and Enviromental Management, and I completed my expertise in this field by working for over a year as Quality Technician and Consulter.

Then, I decided to move back to the scientific world, as I felt that there was a part of me that never left that career. I finished a Master of Biomedicine in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2010, and started my PhD in Juan Miguel Redondo’s Lab at the CNIC, where I am studying the molecular basis of cardiac hypertrophy. I’ve been granted with a FPU fellowship for 4 years of PhD studies, and last year I was able to obtain an extension of this fellowship to perform an stay in another lab. I decided to expend my stay in the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, in New York, in Roger Hajjar’s Lab, and I found that experience extremely positive for my education.”

_DSC0096Iván Menéndez Montes


“I was born in Gijón (Asturias). In 2011 I obtained my B.S in Biochemistry from University of Oviedo, where I made a short stay at Dr. Ana Coto’s Lab. In 2012 I moved to Madrid and obtained the M.S. In Molecular and Cellular Biology, working at Dr. Beatriz López and Dr. Carmen Aragón’s Lab.

I joined CNIC at Dr. Silvia Martín’s Lab in 2012 as PhD Student. My research area is Heart Development, paying special attention to the role that physiological low oxygen tensions play in this process, from the organ level to the molecular level.”

toñiAntonia Tomás Loba
Scientific Program
e-mail: antonia.tomas@cnic.es


“I am Antonia Tomás Loba, born in Murcia in 1979 where I studied Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering. Since I was very young I was in love with science and this is because I am still here. I did my PhD with Dr. Blasco at CNIO (2005-2009), my postdoc with Dr. Boulton (2010-2012) in Cancer Research UK and then I moved to CNIC with Dr. Sabio (2013-to date).

As I said, I love Science, making question, discovering new things and so on… and I strongly believe Science is really important for society. This is because I consider that these kinds of events are very important to motivate ourselves to go ahead and to pursue our dreams.”

_DSC0091Daniel Torralba Grajales
Scientific Program
e-mail: dtorralba@externo.cnic.es


“I was born in Madrid. I obtained my bachelor´s degree in Biochemistry from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) in 2012. I joined the Sanchez-Madrid´s lab at CNIC to perform my final degree project and I stayed there to carry out my Final Master´s Dissertation. I will start my PhD at his laboratory in September supported by La Caixa internship. My main interests are the molecular processes of cellular communication. Especially, I am interested in the role of exosomes and miRNA during the immune response and inflammation.”

_DSC0098Elisa Manieri
Logistics and technical support
e-mail: emanieri@externo.cnic.es


“I was born in Milan, Italy, in 1984. I obtained my bachelor degree and my master degree from Universitá degli Studi Milano-Bicocca. In 2009 I moved to Madrid, Spain, with Leonardo da Vinci European fellowship. Finally, in 2010, I joined Dr. Guadalupe Sabio’s group at CNIC as a PhD student. My main interest is to understand the molecular basis of organs crosstalk, and how this “long-distance relationship” could be involved in liver cancer development.

In the CNIC-PhDay organization I am part of the Logistic and Technical support group: together with Nuria and Edgar we will organize the entire event logistic. You will find us in the information point to give you all kind of info, materials and data you will need during the event.”

_DSC0984Edgar Bernardo Vasco
Logistics and technical support
e-mail: edgar.bernardo@cnic.es


“Natural from Valladolid, I got my B.S in Biology from University of Leon, School of Biology and Environmental Sciences in 2010.From 2010 to 2011 I was working as a research assistant in Mercedes Rincon´s Lab in University of Vermont, USA.

In February 2011 I joined Guadalupe Sabio´s Lab as a PhD student and also finished the Universidad Complutense´s Master program in Biomedicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. My main goal is to understand the diseases associated with obesity (metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes…) studying different molecular mechanisms such as microRNAs regulation and Mitogen Activated Protein Kinases (MAPKs).”

_DSC0116Nuria Matesanz Parellada
Logistics and technical support
e-mail: nuria.matesanz@cnic.es


“My name is Nuria Matesanz and I was born in Madrid in 1976. I achieved my BSc in Biology from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 1999. In May 2005 I obtained my European Ph D in Pharmacology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid under the supervision of Dr. Concepción Peiró and Dr. Carlos Sánchez Ferrer. In my postdoctoral period, I moved to Queen’s University Belfast where first I joined Prof. Trimble’s group, under the supervision of Dr. Lesley Powell, and afterwards, Dr. Denise McDonald’s group in the Centre for Vision Science. In 2010 I joined to Dr. Ángel R. Nebreda’s group first in CNIO and later in IRB at Barcelona.

Now I’m a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Guadalupe Sabio’s group since 2011 where I’m trying to understand the mechanisms implicated in obesity-related diseases including steatosis, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases focus on MAPKs and microRNAs.”

_DSC0123Regina González Dosal
Logistics and technical support
e-mail: regina.gonzalez@cnic.es


“Born in 1978, I obtained my B.S. at University of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and my M.S. at Aarhus University (Denmark). After working a couple of years as research assistant at the university and as researcher in BoreanPharma Aps., I finally got the so desired PhD scholarship in 2007 to work in Dr. Soren Paludan’s lab (Aarhus University, Denmark). Finished in 2012, I joined Dr. Almudena R. Ramiro’s lab in 2013 where I study the mechanisms involved in the generation of diverse antibody repertoire in the context of lymphomas and atherosclerosis.

Sarah Francoz. FranceSarah Francoz
Logistics and technical support
e-mail: sarah.francoz@cnic.es


“Since the beginning of the university, I’ve focused my career in research by joining the Magistère of Genetics (University Denis Diderot, Paris, France). These studies offered me the opportunity to work in 4 different laboratories as a research student, including abroad during an Eramus training at the University of Barcelona. I then decided to move to Belgium to perform my PhD at the University of Ghent – VIB, where I started to work in the field of cancer biology using several genetically modified mouse models. In 2006 I joined Mariano Barbacid‘s laboratory at the CNIO as a postdoc fellow in order to gain expertise in mouse models of cancer. Since September 2014 I am a postdoctoral researcher at the CNIC, where I am focusing on the characterization of Caveolin-1 in vivo.
During all these years, working as a scientist, I discovered that communication and networking is crucial for researchers, therefore I am convinced that the PhDay event is a very positive event to increase interactions between young investigators.”

_DSC0092Francisco Javier Cueto
Media management
e-mail: fjcueto@externo.cnic.es


“Hi! I am from Granada and got my Biochemistry BSc from the University of Granada in 2013. After that, I did my Master’s thesis at Sancho’s lab and got a fellowship from La Caixa to continue my work during my PhD. My work focuses on Immunology, especially on how the function of immune cells is modulated by cell death recognition.”