2015 – Organizing committee

dsc0091Daniel Torralba Grajales
Main coordinator

“I obtained my BSc in Biochemistry at the UAM in 2012. I joined the Sanchez-Madrid lab at CNIC to carry out my PhD, supported by a “La Caixa” internship. My main interest are the molecular processes of cellular communication, specially the role of exosomes and miRNA during the immune response and inflammation.”

IMG_20151006_151622Julio González
Scientific program (coordinator)

“I did my BSc in Neurobiology in the Complutense University of Madrid and after that I “moved” to the Autónoma University of Madrid to do my Master’s in Biomedicine, back then I started working in Miguel Manzanares’ lab, where I am now doing my thesis. I am interested in the effect of pluripotency factors at the beginning of cellular differentiation. I am also interested in blood formation during embryo development and in adult’s hematopoietic organs.”

IMG_20150914_145024Elisa Manieri
Scientific program

“I am from Italy, where I obtained my BSc and Master degree in Biotechnology from University of Milano-Bicocca. In 2009 I moved to Madrid with a European fellowship. I started my PhD in 2010 in Sabio’s group with La Caixa fellowship. My PhD thesis is focused on the molecular basis of organs crosstalk and its role in liver cancer development.”

IMG_20151009_120350Eleni Petra
Scientific program

“I grew up in Rethymno, Greece. In 2006, I moved to Scotland to study Genetics-Immunology at the University of Aberdeen. In 2013, I completed my MSc studies at Imperial College London, studying Molecular Medicine. I joined Dr Susana Gonzalez`s team at CNIC in 2014 as a PhD student. I am currently working towards understanding the epigenetic regulation in endothelial cells.”

dsc0083Bárbara González
Scientific program

“Hi! I obtained my B.S in Biology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2010. In 2011 I joined Guadalupe Sabio’s group to start my PhD at CNIC. My main research interest is to understand the role of p38 MAPKs in the cardiovascular and inflammatory field, and to figure out if this pathway can be involved in different human diseases”

IMG_20150914_144755Fidel Lolo Romero
Scientific program

“I was born in Madrid in 1983. I studied Biology at University of Alcala de Henares and a master in Molecular Biology. I did my phD with Dr. Moreno Lampaya at CNIO. Since February 2012, I work as a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Prof. Miguel Ángel del Pozo, studying how cells transduce external physical cues into signalling pathways.”

IMG_20151006_151721Marta Loureiro
Finances (coordinator)

“After finishing my BSc in Biotechnology I did a Master’s in Molecular Biomedicine (UAM). I studied molecular therapies for breast cancer at Jonhs Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, MD) and then started my PhD at the CNIC Proteomics group with Jesús Vázquez. My work is to further understand the oxidative damage of heart proteins during ischemia periods, which pave the way to design therapies to prevent damage and recover heart function.”

IMG_20150914_145205Raquel Rouco

“I am from Madrid. I started researching on genetics at UCM where I got my BSc in Biology (2013). After that, I joined M. Manzanares’ lab (CNIC) to study the gene regulatory network underlying atrial fibrillation, first during my Master’s project and right now, as a PhD student thanks to FPU fellowship (Supported by MECD).”

sarah-francoz-france1-e1416528324474 (1)Sarah Francoz
Logistics (coordinator)

“I first focused on the field of cancer biology during my PhD in Belgium and my first postdoc at the CNIO. Since 2014 I am working on cardiac mouse models at CNIC.
Working as a scientist, I discovered that communication and networking are crucial for researchers, therefore I am convinced that the PhDay will help increasing interactions between young investigators.”

IMG_20150914_144603Jesús Gómez

“I got my degree in Biotecnology in 2010, and after that I performed a Master in Molecular Biomedicine in 2011. Currently I am performing a PhD at CNIC studying the effects of splicing in calcineurin and its implications in embryonic stem cells differentiation and heart disease.”

IMG_20150914_145532Amanda Sánchez López

“I graduated in Biotechnology (2013) and I did a Master`s in Molecular Biomedicine. I started in Cigudosa J.C’s Lab at CNIO to perform my undergraduate thesis project and also my Final Master`s project. My main interest is to understand the molecular basis of aging and its relationship with cardiovascular disease thus, I joined Vicente Andrés lab to do my PhD.”

IMG_20150914_144840Valle Montalvo

“I am from Torrubia del Campo, Cuenca. I got my Biology Bachelor’s degree from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2012, where I also obtained my Master degree in Molecular Biomedicine in 2013. I am currently doing my PhD in Guadalupe Sabio’s group at CNIC and my project is focused on understanding the role of p38 MAPK delta in obesity and diabetes and the molecular basis that are behind of this.”

IMG_20150914_151421Robert Austin Bruce Benn

“I graduated with my B.Sc from the University of Georgia (U.S.A) in 2014 and came to the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid for my Masters in Molecular Biomedicine. I’ve followed my Masters work  in the lab of Borja Ibañez as a predoctoral Marie Curie fellow investigating mechanisms of Cardioprotection during Myocardial Infarction and novel methods in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

IMG_20150914_144723Miguel Sánchez

“I completed a postdoc at the ICR in London at Chris Bakal’s lab (2010-2014), developing high-content screening and systems-biology approaches to study organelle morphogenesis and function. I joined Miguel Angel del Pozo’s team at CNIC in December 2014 to study how metabolic imbalances (i.e. dyslipidemia) rewire organelle and cell function- these principles underlie complex pathologies such as atherosclerosis or diabetes.”

IMG_20150914_145657Víctor Fanjul Hevia
Media management

“I am from Oviedo, where I studied Biology and a Master’s in Molecular Oncology. I am currently doing a PhD at the UAM with a “La Caixa” fellowship. I study heart disease in progeria and aging under the supervision of Vicente Andrés (CNIC) and Carlos López-Otín (U. Oviedo). I believe communication, teaching and networking are essential to succeed in science.”

IMG_20150914_145113Francisco J. Cueto
Media management

 “Hi! I got my Biochemistry BSc from the University of Granada in 2013. I am currently PhD student at D. Sancho’s lab. We are interested in immunology, especially on how immune cells behave after encountering dead cells.”

Antonia Tomás, Edgar Bernardo and Nuria Matesanz gave advice.