2016 – Organizing committee



sarah-francoz-france1-e1416528324474 (1)Sarah Francoz
Main coordinator

I first focused on the field of cancer biology, during my PhD in Belgium and my first postdoc at CNIO. Since 2014, I am working on cardiac mouse models at CNIC. I decided to join the PhDay organizing committee 3 years ago, because I am convinced that researchers should foster networking and career development, during all their professional life.”

IMG_20150914_144755Fidel Lolo Romero
Scientific Program

“I was born in Madrid in 1983. I studied Biology at University of Alcala de Henares and a master in Molecular Biology. I did my phD with Dr. Moreno Lampaya at CNIO. Since February 2012, I work as a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Prof. Miguel Ángel del Pozo, studying how cells transduce external physical cues into signalling pathways.”

img_20160707_150538José Manuel Alfonso Almazán

I obtained my BSc in biotechnology at Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2014. Then, I moved to Madrid to do my MSc in Pharmacological Research at UAM and joined David Filgueiras’ Lab, where I am currently doing my PhD. I am interested in ion channels, electrophysiology and bioinformatics. I study the regulatory networks and molecular pathways involved in atrial fibrillation and its process of chronification.

IMG_20150914_145205Raquel Rouco
Scientific Program

“I am from Madrid. I started researching on genetics at UCM where I got my BSc in Biology (2013). After that, I joined M. Manzanares’ lab (CNIC) to study the gene regulatory network underlying atrial fibrillation, first during my Master’s project and right now, as a PhD student thanks to FPU fellowship (Supported by MECD).”

IMG_20150914_145532Amanda Sánchez López

“I graduated in Biotechnology (2013) and I did a Master`s in Molecular Biomedicine. I started in Cigudosa J.C’s Lab at CNIO to perform my undergraduate thesis project and also my Final Master`s project. My main interest is to understand the molecular basis of aging and its relationship with cardiovascular disease thus, I joined Vicente Andrés lab to do my PhD.”

img_20160707_150629Paula Ortiz Sánchez

Hi! I graduated in Biotechnology in 2013 by the Universidad Pablo de Olavide in Seville. Then I moved to Madrid to study a Master in Molecular Biomedicine. Since 2014, I’m doing my PhD at CNIC studying the role of the splicing factor SRSF3 in heart homeostasis and disease.

img_20160707_150209Álvaro Macías Martínez
Scientific Program

I got my degree in Biology in 2009 and after a Master in Molecular and Cellular Biology I started my PhD in Cardiovascular Electrophysiology as a JAE-predoc. After a short postdoctoral stay in Dr. Catterall’s laboratory, in Seattle, I joined Dr Vicente Andrés’ lab at CNIC to study the electrophysiological alterations in Progeria (HGPS). PhDay is a wonderful chance to know and talk about everything not specified in a book or paper.”

img_20160906_151932Cristina Rius Leiva
Scientific Program

I studied Pharmacy at the University of Valencia, where I completed my PhD at the Pharmacology Department at the Medicine Faculty. In 2013 I moved to Madrid, where I started working at the CNIC Molecular and Genetic Cardiovascular Pathophysiology group with Vicente Andres. I am interested in the study of the interactions between leukocytes and the vascular system.

img_20160707_150255Álvaro Sahún Español
Scientific Program

I obtained my BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, 2014) after performing my final degree project in the National Hospital of Norway (Rikshospitalet, Oslo). After that, I came to Madrid and joined the National Center of Cardiovascular Research. My interests are focused on therapeutic approaches for cardiac regeneration after myocardial infarction, specifically boosting a correct revascularization.

img_20160707_150704Raquel Toribio Fernández
Scientific Program

Hi! I obtained my BSc in Biology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) in 2013. After that, in 2014, I got my Master´s Degree in Genetics and Cellular Biology. Nowadays I am developing my PhD under the supervision of José María González-Granado at CNIC. Our research is focused on studying the role of A-type lamins in the proper behaviour of the immune system

img_20160707_150356Antonio Quílez Álvarez
Media management

I am a Materials Engineer, who is back in Madrid at the Cellomics Unit of CNIC. During my PhD as a Marie Curie fellow of the ITN-Biopol, I am screening the mechanical signaling between cells and the extracellular matrix and how it affects disease progression. Previously, I finished my Master’s in Nanobiotechnology at Aalborg University in Denmark.

IMG_20150914_145657Víctor Fanjul Hevia
Media management

“I am from Oviedo, where I studied Biology and a Master’s in Molecular Oncology. I am currently doing a PhD at the UAM with a “La Caixa” fellowship. I study heart disease in progeria and aging under the supervision of Vicente Andrés (CNIC) and Carlos López-Otín (U. Oviedo). I believe communication, teaching and networking are essential to succeed in science.”

img_20160906_150605Jesús Victorino Santos

Originally from Seville, where I obtained my BSc in Biotechnology at Pablo de Olavide University in 2014. I moved to Madrid to do my MSc in Molecular Biomedicine at Autonomous University of Madrid. I am currently doing my PhD thesis in Miguel Manzanares’ lab (CNIC) thanks to a “La Caixa” fellowship understanding the role of non-coding regulatory regions in biological processes and human diseases.

Marta Loureiro, Miguel Sánchez and Austin Benn gave advice.