2014 – Program

8:30 – Registration

9:00 – CNIC PhDay presentation by Bárbara González Terán

9:15 – CNIC PhDay opening talk by Dr Valentin Fuster

Session 1 – Chairman: Francisco J Cueto

10:00 – Dr Gonzalo G. de Polavieja: “Motivation in the lab”

10:30 – Melisa Gómez Velázquez: “Regulation of genome architecture during heart development.”

10:45 – Ángel F. Álvarez-Prado: “Interrogating Activation Induced Deaminase (AID) target specificity by Next Generation Sequencing.”

11:00 – Marta Pajares: “Transcription factor NRF2 as a new therapeutic target in a preclinical model of alzheimer disease.”

11:15 – Poster session & coffee break

Session 2 – Chairman: Sarah Francoz

12:30 – Dr Peter Bryant: “Science and entrepreneurship. Can our discoveries turn into an entrepreneurial venture?”

13:00 – Beyond the bench, where ideas come true

  • Dr Cristina Balbás: “Public engagement as part of the PhD experience: the case of Escuelab.”
  • Dr M. Alvaro Berbís: “Fostering technology-based entrepreneurship at MIT Enterprise Forum Spain.”
  • Dr Carlos del Fresno: “EMPIREO Molecular Diagnostic: from an accident to a company.”
  • Dr Ana Cuadrado: “e-nlaza: connect, ask and simplify… your life with cancer.”

Session 3 – Chairman: Daniel Torralba

14:00 – Dr Joan J. Guinovart: “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Science But Were Afraid to Ask.”

14:30 – Lunch

15:30 – Dr Alonso Mateos: “Basic science and clinical research: an essential link.”

16:00 – Dr Capitolina Diaz: “Networking and Career building in Science.”

16:30 – Poster session

17:15 – Round table – Moderator: Antonia Tomás

18:00 – CNIC PhDay closing remarks by Bárbara González Terán

18:30 – Social closing act

* Posters will be mounted 30 minutes before each session and will be removed at the end of it.